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Benjamin D. Bean

[email protected]

Benjamin is a research analyst, with the main interest in both short and long equities, event-driven and arbitrage.

He has 25 years experience in trading. During this time he works both as broker and fund manager. Benjamin has developed special service which works with real ideas gathered about catalysts and valuation. The program generated ideas and helps participants of financial market across the world.

In 2005 Benjamin has created a website for investors, which contains thousands of articles that help to understand financial world.

He still trades stocks, futures and different options. He trades automated systems, and teach students how to use them.


Pablo M. Birk

Assistant Assignment Editor
[email protected]

Pablo is a successful financial advisor, curious about strategy portfolio, and reasonable price. He received his graduate diploma in finances from Kenan-Flagler Business School, the University of North Carolina. His second diploma in financial planning is from Cornell University.

Pablo provides advisor services in the financial area. He loves to share his 40 years of experience with students. He also has 10 years of teaching experience.

He prefers macro thematic way as an international investor, while he is looking for a good proper value and growth.

Pablo’s main focus is in Asia, and Emerging Markets. He studies information about developing countries with big potential and acts. He is highly interested in the electric cars, miners, smartphones, robots and 3D printing trends.

In his work he uses different tools, including direct stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, so on.


Brendan M. Byers

Assistant Editor
[email protected]

Brendan is editor of Tech and Finances Forum. After his appearance, it became the most popular subscribed service. Brendan is also the contributor to different leading financial newspapers and blogs.  For 25 years he works as an expert in Tech market. For a few past years he also had been invited as a head speaker to numerous financial conferences.

Brendan likes to share advices in financial area with subscribers, diving into the all secrets of tech shares.


Lee V. Mitchell

[email protected]

Lee is a professional investor, interested in studying growth, cannabis shares and management change. He was very first professional who started to share his analysis about cannabis area at the market. He opened the whole new branch of investments for public.

Alan is a founder of his own company 301 Holder. It is an online platform for investors interested in cannabis shares. He helps people to learn how to analyze market. Since 1985 year he worked in the securities area. He was responsible for managing investments. After a while, he left that work and founded his analytical organization in 2005. His main goal was to consult investors.


Jared R. Ochoa

[email protected]

The main interest of Jared is income from dividends from retirees, REITs, and energy. Jared is research analyst. He is a former commercial and investment banker. He has 40 years experience behind his shoulders.

Jared worked as an adviser since 1992 year, helping both companies and individuals to create productive investment strategy.

Jared says that his main intention is to give investors new ideas which can bring them profit. The main focus is Energy.

Jared is a Certified Accountant CPA from the State of California. He has his BS Degree from Anderson School of Management. And Masters Degree from the University of Virginia.


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